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What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a monthly donation to cover costs costs for a student living at the Shelter. If the student is attending high school it will also cover the total cost of their study. The donation is $50 per month . Sponsors can be individuals or groups. Most sponsors are individuals but sometimes groups or organisations sponsor children. For example Maybank has for the past few years sponsored up to 50 PIO high school students. .

What is the PIO Shelter?

Since 2009 PIO has been operating a Shelter licenced by the Ministry of Social Welfare. It provides accommodation for children whose families can no longer support them. All students at the Shelter attend school, either the PIO school at Stung Meanchey or public high school. Children living at the Shelter receive three meals per day, clothing, school supplies and uniforms.

Why do children live at the Shelter?

The children living at the Shelter come from very deprived backgrounds. For a variety of reasons their family cannot provide for them. In some cases the parents have migrated to find work and left their children with a relative In other cases the homes are not safe because of domestic violence, often associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Some children have lost one or both parents. The Shelter provides a safe place to live, where the children can continue their education.

Who can I sponsor

It will be a child that is living at the Shelter and who needs help to complete their education. It will be a student that is likely to remain with PIO for the next few years. The children selected for sponsorship are usually from Grade 2 and above.

How do I decide who I want to sponsor?

When you make the decision to sponsor a child PIO staff will discuss the matter with you. They will help select a student based on the needs of the child and their potential to benefit from being sponsored.

What is my money used for?

The money goes towards the cost of running the Shelter. Without help from sponsors PIO would not be able to provide a safe environment for children whose families can no longer support them. The money does not go directly to the sponsored child.

What happens when a sponsored child leaves PIO?

Most children stay at the Shelter for several years. However they can leave at any time and there are a number of reasons for that. Family circumstances may have improved and they can return to their immediate or extended family, or they may have reached the end of their schooling and want to join the workforce.If the child you are sponsoring leaves PIO then you will be notified and asked if you wish to sponsor a different child.

If I stop sponsoring a child will they still be helped by PIO?

Yes, we do not differentiate between children that have a sponsor and those that do not. If you are unable to continue your sponsorship we the child remains with PIO and we will endeavour to find a new sponsor for them.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

You are welcome to do so, but are required to give PIO notice before doing so. All visits will be supervised by a senior member of staff.

What updates will i receive for the child I am sponsoring?

We can supply you with updates on their academic progress and general well-being.