Why does PIO need donations?

PIO depends on donations from cover the operating costs of the schools. Although we operate with approval from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and teach the national curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 8 we receive no government funding.

What are donations used for?

PIO has the same expenses as any other school. We need money to pay staff salaries, provide school supplies and uniforms, provide a daily meal for the students and cover costs for electricity, water and administration. Providing education for over 1300 children costs approximately $350,000 USD per year. Approximately $1 per day per child.

Can I make donations of goods and/or services?

Certainly. Donations of clothing, uniforms, school supplies, medical supplies, food or other essentials are most welcome. In addition we welcome help from volunteers who can offer their skills for the benefit of the school. Those services include teaching English, medical and dental services and IT support.

Does PIO have an independent auditor?

PIO now has its accounts audited by Baker Tilly and can provide details of income and expenditure upon request.

What projects need donations at present?

There is always a need for donations to support the day-to-day activities of the school but there are also several planned projects requiring donor support. They include purchasing land on which to build a new Shelter and upgrading the computer room and IT facilities.

Who are your major donors?

For a number of years PIO has received significant support from Just World International, Maybank, Richard’s Lighting, the Global Fund for Children and the Jasmine Foundation.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Thanks to our partner Just World International, we can offer US and European donors a tax receipt for any donations made through JWI to PIO. Information about making a donation is available through the JWI websites United States or Europe.