High School

High School

PIO supports students studying at higher levels of education. Since 2009 graduates of PIO attending public high school or university have been supported by individual or corporate sponsors. It is not possible to support all graduates of PIO but those living at the Shelter and those whose families could not support their children to higher education were the first priority when sponsorship was available.

The most significant sponsor is Maybank. Since 2014 they have supported a number of PIO students attending high school or university. In 2017 they expanded that support to 50 students. Other sponsors include families or individuals who support individual students through their secondary and tertiary studies. .

High School Classes at PIO

In 2016 the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MOEYS) signed an MOU with PIO enabling PIO to provide secondary education to students in Grades 7 - 9.The classes are provided for students graduating from Grade 6 at the Stung Meanchey and Borey Santepheap 2 schools. The program is monitored regularly by officials from MOEYS and they require regular reports to ensure that the PIO high school program is of a good standard.

Providing high school tuition at PIO means that students can continue to receive good quality teaching at no cost to themselves or their families. Removing the economic barrier to higher education significantly reduces the likelihood of students dropping out while in lower high school. (Nationally there is a dropout rate of 40% for students in Grades 7 - 9.), Results in the first year of the program are very promising. With a retention rate of 92%.

Classes at Chea Sam Sammaki High School

Upon graduating from the PIO high school students move onto public high school at the Chea Sam Sammaki High School. Those that graduate from high school are then supported if they wish to continue to university. A number of those students live at the PIO Shelter. In addition to studying at university they are employed by PIO as teaching assistants so that they can help and inspire the younger students.